Sunday, October 5, 2008

Argh - Why Entropy - Why?

OK - I have decided to do a little rant. I think it was the last day of jury duty, because I didn't go anywhere the whole day Saturday, until later in the evening. But somehow there was a red and black scuff on the front left bumper of my nice - nearly new Jetta GLI. I've been avoiding it this past week - so many other things of actual importance, but it sure makes me sad to think that my car has been violated again. Yep, the first ding was my daughter's doing, she was wildly throwing a stone that flew past my head and hit the wing on the back, days after I bought it. Accidents will happen and I felt bad that she was afraid for her life (for a short moment). It is only a car and my daughter is my blessing for life. Then, some time ago, I believe a few young boys on skateboards that I saw near my car, may have lost control and scraped the driver's side. It didn't remove any paint, but it did put a 2' - 3' crease in the passenger door. And now - this. It is hard to keep nice things nice - just in the normal course of life - with out help from others. However - I ask myself - how important is it? It is only a car. Nothing broken. No one died (not even if I do find out who did it - the scoundrel!). It just makes me sad - along with all the other, less-then-wonderful things going on. It is what it is - and nothing more than that.

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