Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Background Check

It is difficult to predict when one may become part of an ongoing investigation regarding some pet peeve of some self-righteous LEO or USG Agency. That being said, writing passionate email to ones' congressman with an unfavorable opinions and less then respectful language won't help one maintain their own anonymity.

However, Congressman Dan Lungren doesn't seem to be aware of all the evidence, is ignoring it or is in denial of it. However, EFF has recently posted nearly nine thousand pages of government documents to their site. has also chronicled much of the same or similar information.

I don't know how others define patriotism, but what ever your view on it is, it should not include the subversion of the principles of the Constitution and its deliberate use of plain, layman's English. The founding fathers of this country forewarned of us these tyrannies befalling us these days and too few are taking notice or understanding the long-term impact on our freedoms.

The Seven Nations Indians endeavor to consider the impact down to their 7th generation (a coincidence with the number of tribes versus the number of generations). I am not a chess player and have difficulty seeing so far in advance, but it seems nobody is looking beyond their own noses.

Can this change? Well, it won't change because I've ranted. It will only change when enough people are directly and egregiously effected personally, monetarily or physically. But then, it may be too late.

I hope more people take an effort sooner rather than later to express their concerns in a meaningful and passionate way. Perhaps, that's nothing more than a pipe-dream.

My belated response to Congressman Dan Lungren


you seem to erroneously state that there isn't any evidence of abuse by government agencies with respect to the Patriot Act and other current laws (and possibly Executive Orders) passed by Congress as a result of fear and ignorance.

However, the timely folks at the Electronic Frontier Foundation found what I had been looking for.

Aside from reports that FBI agents cheated on the tests designed to ensure that they know how to use these tools legally, there have been several credible reports from reputable news agencies and blogs affirming their misconduct.

Suffice it to say that I whole heartedly disagree that you can provide for my safety by annulling my Constitutional rights. Six years and six months, I upheld my oaths while serving in the US Air Force. The Gadsden flag is for me one of the most honorable flags and "Give me liberty or give me death" is one of the most honorable quotes. What has been your inspiration for serving the American citizens, perhaps, In Halliburton I Trust or Give Me Black Water Or Give Me Xe Services LLC?

The U.S. law enforcement agencies you are promoting do not need more intelligence toys, more legal wiggling room, or more oppressive laws. What they need is to start acting more intelligently, asking more intelligent questions, using old school first hand face to face information. They need to stop accumulating hay and straw to sift through to find the needles. They just need to focus on the needle - not the haystack. It is criminal to allow them to spy on every American citizen for their paranoid witch hunts.

The U.S. law enforcement agencies have become the terrorist. TSA, DEA, ICE, FBI, DHS - have become violent, coercive, villains destroying individual's properties, freedoms and rights that were once guaranteed by our Constitution. These agencies have lied to America, they have lied to Congress and they have double-crossed the world.

The 10th amendment of the US Constitution has been all but abolished, along with the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 14th amendments.

It is high time to start cleaning house and returning to being honorable people of integrity, governing on behalf of the good citizens of this country.

Please re-evaluate your stance and do what is right, not for the corporations, the self-expanding bureaucracies, your bank account, but for the citizens, their children, the people - for a nice change of pace.

Thank you for your continued efforts to do what is right and honorable in supporting your oath to stand up for principles of the Constitution of the United States of America - for liberty - for justice - with integrity (not fear) and openness.

Rojer W. Wisner

Congressman Lungren On the Patriot Act

I had sent a letter to the Congressman urging him to support the sunset clauses of the Patriot act, allowing those provisions to expire. Here is his response.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the PATRIOT Act. I appreciate hearing of your views.

On February 28, 2011 three core provisions of the PATRIOT Act would have expired—roving wiretaps where multiple phones are used, the so-called business records provision, and the lone wolf provision concerning terrorists not connected with a specific country or group. I would point out that I authored the original sunset provision in the House version of the Act because it is my belief that Congressional oversight and review of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is a solemn responsibility.

The primary responsibility of government is to protect the American people from attack. The Times Square bomber, Christmas Day bomber, and Fort Hood shooter are further evidence that there are those who remain committed to killing innocent Americans. The PATRIOT Act provisions are essential to reaching those actors who are agents of a foreign power or foreign terrorist organization who would use the open nature of our society to plot against innocents within our country. Our intelligence community must be given the same tools which law enforcement has had for years in order to stop terrorist plots before they are allowed to develop. Brian Jenkins, a terrorism expert with the Rand Corporation puts it well:

In the terror attacks since 9-11 we have seen combinations of local conspiracies inspired by, assisted by, and guided by al Qaeda's central leadership...It is essential that while protecting the basic rights of American citizens, we find ways to facilitate the collection and exchange of intelligence across national and bureaucratic borders.

It is my view that while Congressional oversight of the PATRIOT Act should be vigorous and regular. In a hearing on the three provisions set to expire, there was no evidence of abuse. In fact, the only evidence of a problem arose from a General Accountability Office Report concerning National Security Letters (NSL's) on one occasion. Ironically, NSL's did not originate with the PATRIOT Act and have no bearing on any of the expiring provisions under consideration.

In light of the fact that the threat against our people continues, the Obama Administration was right to ask for reauthorization of the expiring provisions of the PATRIOT Act. Although we must be diligent to ensure that the civil liberties of Americans are secure, the first such liberty is not to be killed. "The choice between security and liberty is a false choice, as nothing is more likely to endanger America's liberties than the success of a terrorist attack at home."

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your views with me.

If you would like to stay informed about federal legislation introduced in the 112th Congress, as well as local issues that may interest you, please take a moment to subscribe to my weekly e-newsletter at

I look forward to discussing this or any other issue affecting our 3rd Congressional District with you in the future. For upcoming Town Hall meetings, or for information on issues or legislation pending before Congress, please visit my website at If you need assistance with a federal agency, please call my Gold River office at (916) 859-9906. My staff and I are always available to address your concerns, answer your questions, and listen to your ideas.


Daniel E. Lungren
Member of Congress

Note: Please do not respond directly to this e-mail. To better serve the constituents of the Third District I have established a Feedback Form on my website. If you wish to contact me with any concerns, I would ask that you please utilize the following link and I will respond shortly (

Friday, March 11, 2011

Note to Capitol Hill - Regarding Son Of ACTA

As a consumer and constituent, I am very concerned about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement currently being negotiated in secret by the Office of the United States Trade Representative and against consumer's best interests.

Previous free trade agreements have exported controversial aspects of U.S. copyright law, without the balancing exceptions and limitations in U.S. copyright law that enable freedom of expression and have allowed innovation to flourish. Reports indicate that the USTR tabled an intellectual property chapter that follows this approach at the most recent round of negotiations. I am concerned that this will lock-in controversial aspects of US law, restricting Congress' ability to craft laws that meet U.S. domestic priorities, and eliminate potential export markets for innovative U.S. consumer electronics and technology companies.

I am disturbed to discover that this agreement, which could have such wide-ranging effects on American citizens and the dynamic technology sector, is being conducted entirely behind closed doors in an opaque and profoundly undemocratic process.

U.S. copyright law includes a carefully crafted balance of public and private rights that encourages creation, while providing incentives for innovation, and access for education, libraries and other socially beneficial purposes. Balanced policy making that serves the needs of all stakeholders in the information economy requires transparency.

I urge you to bring transparency to this agreement and ensure that the TPP text reflects the interests of all U.S. industries and citizens.

I ask you please to:

* Call for a congressional hearing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, so that Congress can hear from all affected stakeholders and provide meaningful input into the content.

* Call for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to release the text of the agreement and solicit public comments.

* Speak out against the increasing, continuing and shameful trend of secret negotiations conducted by the USTR.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Time To Fear Your Government?

Here's a question for you. How many links does it take to get to the center of an ICE pickle? It may only take one, if it upsets the puppet masters, big media interests.
When will they come for your neighbor? When will they come for you?
What I really want to know is, who really is in charge, corporate Amerika or American citizens? - OH! - Never Mind - Seemingly, we've become the government on the sheeple, to the sheeple, and against the sheeple. Check it out: