Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Background Check

It is difficult to predict when one may become part of an ongoing investigation regarding some pet peeve of some self-righteous LEO or USG Agency. That being said, writing passionate email to ones' congressman with an unfavorable opinions and less then respectful language won't help one maintain their own anonymity.

However, Congressman Dan Lungren doesn't seem to be aware of all the evidence, is ignoring it or is in denial of it. However, EFF has recently posted nearly nine thousand pages of government documents to their site. has also chronicled much of the same or similar information.

I don't know how others define patriotism, but what ever your view on it is, it should not include the subversion of the principles of the Constitution and its deliberate use of plain, layman's English. The founding fathers of this country forewarned of us these tyrannies befalling us these days and too few are taking notice or understanding the long-term impact on our freedoms.

The Seven Nations Indians endeavor to consider the impact down to their 7th generation (a coincidence with the number of tribes versus the number of generations). I am not a chess player and have difficulty seeing so far in advance, but it seems nobody is looking beyond their own noses.

Can this change? Well, it won't change because I've ranted. It will only change when enough people are directly and egregiously effected personally, monetarily or physically. But then, it may be too late.

I hope more people take an effort sooner rather than later to express their concerns in a meaningful and passionate way. Perhaps, that's nothing more than a pipe-dream.

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