Friday, September 26, 2008

Finally - my jury duty is over

Jury Duty:
Federal District Court, Civil Court.
Not as bad as one might expect. It helped to have a good group of fellow jurors. The case was complex and lasted a few weeks. It was also the chance to meet some interesting folks. It offered an opportunity to do a few things downtown that I would not have taken the time to do otherwise. And yes, we reached a verdict. Lots of stuff came out from this event.

  • I gained weight.
  • I got neat aluminum Mountain Dew cans ( special paint jobs, I am working on a set of wind chimes or two).
  • I got to take pictures of downtown Sacramento, the state capital building (but not Arnold Schwarzenegger), Old Town Sacramento, West Sacramento, and the river.
  • Met 8 other interesting people.
  • Saw something like 8 sweaters get knit and assembled.
  • Saw a gal get empowered.
  • Saw a guy work through old resentments.
  • Saw lots a great cookies and candies go straight to my gut.
  • Saw a guy formulate his website.
  • Played with an iPhone.
  • Read a few magazines that I otherwise would not have.
  • Had a few laughs.
  • Heard a few tears.

All-in-all, not so bad.
So today, I failed to rant - to rave - or to be all that rude.
But I have rambled.
However, I don't think it's worth changing the name of my blog.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Global Rebuild of PC's Day

Got to have it - a day, a week or a month - but every single PC on the face of the planet should be rebuilt, from the BIOS up and then rebuilt with protection installed, updated, and running.

Yep, back-up your data - format the hard drive(s) - update the BIOS, reinstall your OS, install the three best anti-malware programs with most recent definitions, scan and then restore your data (and rescan, reboot, and re-scan). shouldn't take more than a week for the entire world to accomplish this feat.

I say - September 2009 - should be the target date for this global month of restoration.

Why? Why? Why?

Bots, zombies, adware, spyware, malware, bugs, bytes, virus and flies.

OK, forget about the flies, but all the others apply.

Maybe, just to throw the black hats off - we just do this thing starting tomorrow. All the world kills their zombies and bots tomorow at 12 noon UTC!

Any questions?