Wednesday, October 15, 2008

iPimp iMy iJetta iGLI - iOh-my!

OK, had a spot on new gadgets for ones' car. In the article was a link to a forum to discuss what gadgets you want on your car. However, I am not about to make another account for yet another Microsoft website. My plethora of Google and Yahoo! accounts are bad enough. So it is high time that I do a little rant about pimpin'-out my 2007 Jetta GLI.

I want cameras, all over the place recording a stream to an on board DVR that get's uploaded to a secure web page, perhaps in bursts or for emergencies, in real-time.

Two facing forward in the front windshield; one facing the opposite side window from the inside of the car (so that it records someone looking in to the car); two camera's in each side's rear view mirrors, one facing out and the other one facing back; and two in the rear windshield. Also, there should be two dashboard mounted cameras to get a clear view of the driver and passenger. Essentually, as close to 360 degrees a possible on the outside of the car and both sides of the car looking out from inside, ten cameras in all. I'd want about 24 hours of the video saved on a hard drive in the car. I'd want the video to have accurate date/time stamps, GPS data and be availble on a secured web page via wireless broadband and via the home wi-fi (or WayPoint, the same system used for the Eye-Fi SD memory cards).

I also want a Mac-Mini installed in the car. It should have the DVR software, FTP server, wireless broadband card, bluetooth, email server, Mac Lo-Jack, as well as the normal OS-X software. Connected to a touch screen monitor. The Apple computer should be able to send a fax, email JPEG pictures, and speak any one of several scripts on a voice call. The computer needs to be able to be accessed and controlled remotely and via automation and verbal commands from a valid user. The computer needs to function like a self-contained OnStar on steroids. I should be able to use an iPhone to locate my car, send photos to the cops, shut down the car safely, lock or unlock the doors and be able to use the video's in court.

The Mac and Monitor should function as a video and music juke-box, maybe an IP phone, GPS/map server, technical analyzer (interface with the engine) and everything else that you'd want in an automated vehicle.

Depending on additional cost, I would also want to have a HUD (heads up display on the windshield) as well.

I don't think I'd want to call my iJetta GLI "KIT" but it does not seem to be all that difficult or far fetched to these days.

The caveats are that none of the items can interfere with the safety equipment and most of the hardware could be housed in the trunk, which may need additional cooling. But if for some strange reason Xibit wants to pimp my ride, these are my first choice of modifications.

By the way - speaking of Yahoo!, like I did way up at the top there, Yahoo! needs to make launchcast Mac compatible!!!! I want my Yahoo! Radio in my Jetta via my boadband capable Mac, PLEASE! At least make it Mac compatible so that I can stream at home.

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