Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Open Challenge for Real-3D or Developers.

I would really like to see two iTunes Visualizer Plug-ins. Big deal, you may say. But here is the scenario pitch....

I am running Apple iTunes 8.2.1 (6) on OS-X 10.5.7 on a Mac-Mini, 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo w/4GB 1067MHz DDR3 RAM. I am listening to All Chilled @ 181.FM Radio. I am watching the iTunes Visualizer.

What's wrong with this picture?

I am missing an updated version of Real-3D for LCD or HD technologies.

I am trying to imagine the screen-saver's particle elements coming out of the screen in a fashion not unlike that experienced in "Monsters versus Aliens". software providing a full visual-field maximizing an optimized parallax. Maybe using an available webcam to auto-align maximum concise parallax. Projected both inwardly and outwardly as far as would seem most effective in a computationally, simple and quick fashion. That would be a blast.

Moreover, if I could also watch the music as interpreted in a new version, a Real-3D version, of a Lissijous* (x-y)z + (x+y)r or some exotic algorithm that offers a real-time 3-D spacial field.

I can only imagine myself sitting back and relaxing to the soothing sound & vision this advancement will be making soon.

Are YOU programer enough to make it happen for the release of Snow Leopard?

I was thinking that it may be possible to simulate the polarizing shutter system of Real 3D.
My guess is that if you processed the data in the same way as the primary film data is processed, then added two opaque masks, a mesh of rectangles aligned to the polarization of each of the two Real-3D lenses. And the masks would traverse the same path visually maintaining alignment for each lens. If the two masks open up the full video brilliance (mimicking the visual cues produced from the reflection of light off of the viewing-screen in a full Real-3D set-up) fast enough to not be uniquely perceived by the average human observer, then one should be able to replicate the full Real-3D experience in the home and w/o the need for special hardware, other than the requisite Real-3D Glasses.

* sic

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