Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sand In The Nostrils

It seems to me that, one of the issues with music today is that nearly none of the lyrics are politically motivated, save a few misguided country songs about patriotism and bravado. I really miss songs that satirize political figures or call out the governments' bad behaviors. I wonder if there are any musicians left who care enough to sing such songs or if it is the record labels preventing such lyrics from seeing the light of day. It becomes more evident to me that our societies are falling apart at the seems and our infrastructure is in severe need of restoration. It took a youth movement that was either fueled by or reflected in the music of the day to effect the last real changes in our side of world. But that was a long, long time ago. When was the last time you heard a recent, relevant, protest song? Are there any?
Here's an open challenge to established musicians and to all the independents out there: Start writing and performing protest songs relevant to the news of today.
We need a new alphabet song - about the AT&T, CIA, DEA, DHS, DOJ, FBI, ICE, LEO's, MPAA, NSA, RIAA, SCOTUS, TSA, USG, etc. and their poor behaviors as of late.
We need to popularize the idea that there is a real need for changes in our governments, today - now. I think the current systems are broken and corrupted by all recognition.
By the way, the last protest song I remember hearing recently was Above The Law's Freedom Of Speech - as heard in soundtrack from Pump Up The Volume.
I think I really want to hear it.

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