Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet Dreams

I just had to compare:


With the original:

I have to say, that Marilyn Manson is entertaining in the most perverse way - I had to laugh through most of the song. That's some funny - if not truly weird - stuff.

I haven't found a full version of Britney Spears' cover, but she seems to be quite the soft-porn-star, from what I can tell. Not that that is a bad thing, mind you. But.

The Eurythmics made a classic tune that should hang out in various forms for years and years to come. Thank you Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart.

Then I got to wondering - how many others did a cover. A quick look at Apple's iTunes Music Store showed nearly a dozen different covers of the Eurythmics' tune. Turns out that Sweet Dreams is a popular title to use and the Eurythmics' sub title (Are Made Of This) isn't always used by the bands doing the covers.

I found the artist in iTunes Music Store include:
Automatic (a trance - house version)
Badi Assad, et. al.
Bebel Gilberto (a Brazilian-like style)
Countdown (a copycat version, in the K-Tel style)
ibiza Dance Party (can you say RAVE)
Krystal Meyers (another copycat. Any relation to Brystal Meyers?)
Marilynn Manson (Drama Metal, Theatrical Metal, Dusty Corners of Hell-Metal)
Overdub & Sophia (a few other techno, trance, rave versions)
Señor Coconut (A totaly different Brazilian?-like version, kind of cool)
Térez Montcalm (a sexier version)
and finally,
Wykked Wytch (a cover of Marilynn Manson's cover, only a more over-the-top, scream like a puking banshee version).

I am sure I could easily find a dozen more on e-music.com or elsewhere. Sufice it to say, it is a song worthy of imitation, modification and even obfuscation by a diverse group of talented (and not so talented) musicians.

I think I'll go back and give the two South American-style covers a serious listen. Señor Coconut (the name says enough) and Bebel Gilberto each had an interesting take on their cuts.

I may revisit Cover Tunes in subsequent posts. Hmm.

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